Mobile Applications


A mobile app is a computer program designed to run on smart phones, tablet computers and other mobile devices. Mobile Apps has made the world smaller. The growth of mobile phone market has generated a huge demand for various mobile applications. Numerous mobile phone applications are available that simplify various tasks for the users due to which we saw an accelerated growth of software/application development for mobile devices.

Major Mobile Brands like Android, Apple, RIM Blackberry, Samsung, Microsoft, Nokia provide their own SDK (Software Development Kit) to the developer. Developers can create applications using this kit. Developers are also provided a space/place/market where they can publish their creations to the world.

Mobile Applications

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Remote Video Surveillance, Ticket Booking, Route Charting, Games, Chatting, Socializing, and Watching Videos, Learning etc.

I believe technology serves us best when it gives us more time to do things that are uniquely human. This includes activities that are enjoyable, creative, and productive. -Rajeev Suri, CEO of Nokia
Rajeev Suri