Source Code Review

Source Code Review

Source Code reviews are an effective method for finding bugs that can be difficult or impossible to find during black box or grey box testing. Our expert developers and security architects conduct a fast and effective code review armed with a comprehensive checklist of common implementation and architecture errors.

Our expert team is hence able to quickly assess your code and provide you with a report containing all vulnerabilities discovered during the analysis part.


During the Source Code review, CybitRock will search first for high risk and then work down to the low risk vulnerabilities. Overall, this will be a highly comprehensive review intended to find security breaches and violations, bugs and other issues.

A. Some high risk vulnerabilities include:

Injection coding issues
Cross-site-scripting (XSS) attack holes
Lack of authentication and authorization systems

B. Some low risk vulnerabilities include:

Software library controls review
Cross-site request forgery
Secure information is hardcoded


We use following methodology for Source Code review:

1. Review of your software documentation, coding standards, and guidelines.
2. Discussion with your development team about the application.
3. Identification of security design issues by asking your developers a comprehensive list of security questions.
4. Analyze the areas in the application code which handle functions regarding authentication, session management and data validation.
5. Identification of un-validated data vulnerabilities contained in your code.
6. Identification of poor coding techniques allowing attackers to exploit them for launching targeted attacks.
7. Evaluation of security issues specific to individual framework technologies


1. Delivering the Review report that provides the complete analysis of potentially dangerous identified security concerns, impact on the business, and the appropriate recommendations that can assist an organization to fix the issues.
2. Important online references are also provided to assist the development team so that they can have the ease while implementing the recommendations for ensuring the security for application source code.
3. Our report is compiled with an aspect to ensure that the developers and managers so that they can clearly follow the appropriate remediation procedures.

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